The Difference

The Raymond Matts Collection, Aura de Parfums, were blended to reflect futuristic and abstract scents that literally float on the neck. “My scents should inspire without the use of a celebrity figurehead, model, lifestyle or be marketed as aspirational. I much prefer inspirational instead of where the feeling is subjective and is adapted to that customer’s imagination.”

Even the names of the scents are based on onomatopoeia, words that imitate sounds and objects. “I love it when they can’t pinpoint and confine my blends to a commercial set of standards and values. I want to keep them guessing with each sniff”.

Raymond often feels we tend to deconstruct a fragrance to smell and get hung up on the ingredients or notes. Raymond wants an individual to feel the beauty of each fragrance and has appropriately defined each perfume with two adjectives. This is a simple way of understanding what you are about to experience and the beginning of an olfactive journey.

Raymond is a visionary, an Impressionist fragrance painter. To understand his concept of perfume, imagine an aerial view of a transparent tropical sea where the coral, vegetation, and marine life are floating on different levels and can be viewed beneath the blue; a magical layered depth of wonder. Now the popular monochromatic scents are replaced with tiered accords. I have revised the structures of top notes with clever buoyancy that replaces the typical punchy bases of vintage and modern perfumes.

Aura de Parfum in the Raymond Matts Collection is a whisper that you feel, that softly trails and entices the minds of those who come close. You will be remembered!