Raymond Matts

Becoming a Fragrance Designer

Fragrance Designer, Raymond Matts has a rich history in the fragrance industry.

He was the force behind many groundbreaking scents that involved rare and unique combinations of ingredients, which has garnered success and recognition in the global fragrance market.

Raymond Matts is a tour de force in scent circles. A fragrance visionary who understands not only how a perfumer creates from scratch but also who the consumer is and their great desire for change, for something emotionally provocative that is not found on perfumery shelves today.

For close to thirty years, Raymond Matts, Founder of Raymond Matts LLC., has experienced and studied the multiple facets of the fragrance industry. Matts has held a range of positions covering all segments of the business.

From his humble beginnings at the Aramis counter in Brooklyn, his career eventually led to working for prestigious flavor & fragrance houses, Firmenich and IFF in fragrance development that involved liaising with perfumers, salespeople, and clients.

At Elizabeth Arden, Matts designed the most celebrated celebrity fragrance to date: Elizabeth Taylor's: White Diamonds, and subsequent jewel coffrets. Matts also consulted on fragrances for Karl Lagerfeld, Nino Cerrutti and Arden brands.

At the Estée Lauder companies in Manhattan, NY, Matts held the prestigious position of Vice President of Estée Lauder Fragrances Worldwide and was responsible for the strategic, conceptual development and general management of the company's global fragrance group and was directly responsible for the successful campaigns of global hits Clinique Happy for Him and Her, Tommy Hilfiger fragrances, Aramis, Origins amongst others.

As a free-lance Fragrance Designer, Matts has designed fragrances for many prestigious campaigns globally.