The process of designing a fragrance is a collaborative experience! The final products were a labor of passion and without the following would never of happened.

My heartfelt thanks to the following perfumers who I’ve had the luxury of collaborating with through the years and now on this collection of signature fragrances:

Master Perfumer, Annie Buzantian
Creative Perfumer, Jean Claude Delville
Master Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel
Vice-President, Executive Perfumer, Olivier Gillotin

We’ve strived through the years to be creative and explore where we can go in this world we’ve been blessed to be a part of. Thank you for the hundreds of trials and trusting in me as we’ve crafted a collection we can look back upon with a smile knowing this is just the beginning. It’s a privilege and pleasure to work with true Artisans!

Della Chaung… thank you for your countless hours of capturing the textures, colors and providing an experience through our packaging and website. Your artistic expression and attention to detail have made our brand come alive.

Marian Bendeth… thank you for your creative mind and passion for the beauty of what we create. With each fragrance name you’ve managed to provide an identity for each signature scent. You’ve separated us from the crowd with the brilliance of something only a true fragrance expert could do.

Laurent Elie Badessi… the idea of movement through the use of autumn leaves, feathers and ink floating in water combined with your eye for color captured the wafting aura of each perfume. Thank you for your creative eye and mind bringing to life each perfume and capturing the imagination and the beauty of what can be.

My thanks to the fragrance houses of Firmenich, Givaudan and DreamAir for allowing me take the time to collaborate, the use of your specialty ingredients and support through this process.

A very special thank you to a woman I admired and who always allowed me to be creative paving the way for my mind to explore what perfume can be. I hope you are looking down with a smile… Thank you Evelyn Lauder!